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Modernist Harry Weese Condo in Old Town Asks $425K

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Architectural iconoclast Harry Weese may have made his reputation at other sites around town, from the Time & Life Building to the Auditorium Theatre (where he lead a restoration project), but this two-level condo demonstrates his skill with urban settings on a smaller scale, while putting ownership of an original Weese within more people's reach. Brick-clad and built in 1962, this unit belongs to a sturdy row of 20 units that sits east to west, allowing for generous sunlight through the north and south faces as well as large outdoor areas. The backyard also features an odd detail; a brown box protruding from the wall that Weese built to house and conceal an air conditioning unit. At $425,000 and within walking distance of the mainstays of Old Town, it's not a bad way to experience the designs of the mercurial Modernist.

· 235 W Eugenie Street #M2 [Estately]
· Harry Weese Archives [Chicago Curbed]