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Plan Proposed to Bring Back a Greener Humboldt Park Beach

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Chicago's beloved inland beach may get a second lease on life if a plan being advanced by Humboldt Park Advisory Council president Amy Vega becomes reality, according to DNAinfo. After the city closed the beach in May, citing a $1.6M maintenance price tag and the increasing cost of running water to keep the lagoon clean, public pressure, including a beach blanket sit-in, forced the Park District to reconsider. They've since committed to redeveloping the beach, and the new concept reimagines the beach as part of a larger, more sustainable development, .

The new plans center around a eco-friendly natural pool design, which would utilize a plant-based filtration system that would eliminate the need for chemicals. Early concepts, which feature BioNova Natural Swimming Pools, could possibly be built as soon as next summer. These eco-pools have recently been touted as a more environmentally friendly alternative to regular pools, since they require less maintenance, especially in water-starved western states.

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