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Pabst Mansion Back On Sale (Again) for $6.3M

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All images by VST via Redfin
All images by VST via Redfin

While beer prices have stayed relatively steady, home prices have taken quite a few twists and turns over the last few years, a fact that becomes very clear when looking at the recent sales history of the Pabst Mansion in Glencoe. The former estate of company boss Harris Perlstein, it was designed by William Pereira in 1936 before the architect would move out west and work on futuristic structures such as the Pyramid Center in San Francisco. This 14,364-square-foot, 8-bed Georgian manse is much more of a throwback, part of a palatial two-acre estate that's been compared to an island retreat. It has been through the ringer, sales wise, being offered for as much as $14 million at one point. Current owner Jeffrey S. Lange picked it up last year for a relative bargain, $4.8M, and is now trying to make a tidy profit, asking $6,295,00. The sales price has jumped from domestic to microbrew, so to speak; perhaps the next owner will stay longer than 10 months.

443 Sheridan Rd [Redfin]