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Most Expensive House Still Sits on the Market, One Year Later

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Doesn't anyone with a cool $18.75 million have some room in their heart and budget to commit to the lovely home at 1955 N. Burling Street? It's the city's most expensive single-family home listing, having spent a year on the circuit.

This sprawling estate houses an indoor pool, library, a large courtyard with multiple gardens and a home theater that may convince the owner never to leave home again (because this home is so expansive that it sits on four city lots, after all). The estate also includes a two bedroom guest house. According to Crain's, the estate is currently owned by Tim Mullen, an independent investor and big time Democratic campaign contributor. The sprawling estate has dethroned Ann Lurie's property as largest in the land.

When it whispered its name onto the market last year, we wondered how it would fair. And now we know.

Any takers? Since it's been sitting on the market so long, there might be room for negotiation.

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