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Civic Duty: Lakeview Lost Wallet Emblazoned With Expletives

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Man, it's a bummer to lose your wallet. Disorienting. And oftentimes, it's tough to describe: "black leather" doesn't really do justice to a distinctive description.

Which is why you go bold.

So maybe that's why this person may have an advantage.

Like the wise choice to avoid checked bag carousel confusion by traveling with a suitcase that isn't black, the owner here took the road less travelled with a bright orange billfold that has retro lettering on it. And a memorable assertion about the owner.

The owner lost it on June 11, perhaps on the Diversey 76 bus, heading east. The gorilla suit in the picture is not a lost item, so please do not try to locate and return this to the owner.

And if all else fails, someone could start a Kickstarter or Indiegogo fund to buy another official replacement. Help a neighbor out!

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