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Eerie Scenes of the Finkl Steel Demolition, Currently Underway

The former A. Finkl & Sons complex in Lincoln Park was listed as one of Chicago's most endangered sites by Preservation Chicago just a few months ago, but many of the buildings that once occupied the 28 acre property have been demolished or are currently being razed. The fate of the old industrial buildings on the campus was sealed much earlier however, as reports of impending demolition began to circulate last September. As the buildings on the former Finkl steel campus are reduced to rubble, there has been much discussion and debate as to what comes next. There's no magic formula and there's certainly no plans etched in stone, however there has been some hints that the property's Planned Manufacturing District (PMD) zoning could be amended in the coming months, which would allow developers to propose retail and residential projects for the area. There's already one chunk of industrial property directly adjacent to the Finkl site that is on the market and seeking new uses. It's still very early to predict what will happen next, but many stakeholders in the Lincoln Park area are working feverishly on reports and recommendations for the future of the site.

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