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24-Story Apartment Project for Printer's Row Stalls Out

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The downtown area may be boiling over with new apartment projects, but it looks like one of the announced project for the Printer's Row neighborhood of the South Loop may be frozen. Early this year we heard that the eyesore of a parking lot at the corner of Clark and Harrison was set to be replaced with a shiny new 24-story apartment building with tons of retail space at the ground floor and designed by Thomas Roszak Architecture. There hasn't been any word about this project until the most recent newsletter from the neighborhood group South Loop Neighbors brought word that the sale of the property had "stalled indefinitely", indicating that the deal may have fallen through entirely. Hopefully another project will come along soon to replace the garage, since competition for buildable space in the northeast side of the South Loop has started to get fierce, and the area would be well-served by having this prominent corner held by a building that offers more to the community than hourly-rate parking.
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