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After Four Years, Frank Lloyd Wright's George Madison Millard House May Finally Have a Buyer

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While some homes may enter and leave the market in mere hours, others can spend months or even years waiting for an offer. And after four years of bouncing on and off the market, Frank Lloyd Wright's George Madison Millard House in Highland Park is one of those homes that has spent a lengthy amount of time seeking a buyer. The home first listed for $1.399M back in May 2011 and has taken numerous price cuts since it entered the market. Most recently, the home had been priced at $799,000—nearly half of its original ask. However, this Prairie Schooler's luck has changed and as of yesterday, the home has been listed as contingent. The home boasts Wright's signature Prairie style design cues, features 68 original art glass windows and had been priced at land value, so why wouldn't anyone want to scoop up this North Shore gem? The home's listing agent has declined to comment at the moment, but pending any issues with the deal, this historic home may soon finally end its long journey to be bought.

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