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An Otherworldly Barn-Turned-Home Touches Down in Michigan

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Location: Buchanan, Michigan
Price: $2,100,000

Normally, crop circles are the place to find glyphs, runes and unexpected iconography in rural America. The windows on the side of this partially burnt Michigan barn-turned-modernist home, however, can match those cryptic cornfields for shapes and symbolism. A 1972 renovation by post-modern master Stanley Tigerman, a member of the Chicago Seven, Frog Hollow was created for a veterinarian and his wife, both of whom grew up on farms and had a nostalgic connection to hay lofts. Tigerman's adaptive reuse removed nothing from the 100-year-old barn, but instead reimagined the inside as a four-level ode to open living.

This ain't your grandfather's barn. >>