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North Center Apartment Plan Returns With New Traffic Study

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A proposed apartment development for North Center is back on the table and will be the focus of a community meeting next week. Alderman Ameya Pawar and the Northcenter Neighborhood Association (NNA) will host a meeting next Wednesday evening to discuss the plan to build a six-story development at 1801 W. Grace Street, where a new traffic study will be presented. Despite being proposed for a parcel wedged in between the CTA and Metra tracks, the plan was not exactly well received by residents when it was first presented early last year. Concerns mostly centered around parking and congestion, largely thanks to the nearby Trader Joe's grocery store around the corner from the lot that this development is planned for.

The new (and thorough) traffic study from KLOA, Inc. breaks down the surrounding environment, evaluates the existing conditions and offers a picture of what the traffic situation may look like after the completion of the development. According to the study, the intersections in the area "are projected to continue to operate similar to existing conditions during the weekday morning and evening peak hours," although it does conclude that the "the operation of the Trader Joe's store does add to the queuing and delay along the area street system, particularly during the Saturday midday peak period." Of course, the developer and a traffic engineer will be on hand to discuss the study in depth on Wednesday evening. The meeting will begin at 7 p.m. at 3705 N Lincoln Avenue. The flyer, proposal and traffic study can all be found on Ald. Pawar's website.

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