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Did George Lucas and Mellody Hobson Just Pay $18.75M for a Downtown Penthouse?

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The 65th floor penthouse at the pricey Park Tower has sold for a record shattering $18.75 million, fetching $1.75 million more than the raw penthouse space at the Trump Tower which held the city's record for priciest residential real estate sale for only five months. However, the Chicago Tribune has some suspicion to believe that Star Wars creator George Lucas and wife Mellody Hobson may be the couple behind the purchase. According to the Tribune, the sale can be traced back to Natalie Delagnes Talbott, an attorney and one of the directors of the George Lucas Family Foundation. Talbott's name appears on the deed as the representative of the buyer, which could very well be Lucas and his Chicago-native wife. The powerful couple have been making regular appearances in the Chicago media world over the last year, as George Lucas selected Chicago to host his Lucas Museum of Narrative Art last June. Could the couple's big purchase indicate that the museum is moving ahead despite its controversial design and the legal battle over its lakefront location? That's nearly impossible to say at this point. However, if Lucas and Hobson are behind the purchase, it'll certainly represent a huge bump to the city's dwindling population of celebrities and power brokers.
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