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Historic Hiram H. Belding House in Beverly Gets Gut Rehabbed

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The historic Hiram H. Belding House in the Beverly neighborhood has returned to the market, but with some major changes. The 4,000 square foot home, designed by Henry H. Waterman and built in 1894, has been nearly gutted and rehabbed with all new contemporary finishes. While the home's interior certainly looked bleak and dated before its makeover, it's hard to say that the home won't look a bit dated in another twenty to thirty years. However, the five bedroom home's exterior blend of Norman and Tudor styles remains quite pleasing to the eye. The home includes a gated entrance, a two car garage and an in-ground sprinkler system. Before its extreme makeover, the home sold for $450,000. Today it returns with a $785,300 asking price.



·9167 S Pleasant Ave Chicago, IL 60643 [Redfin]
·9167 S Pleasant Ave Chicago, IL 60643 [Redfin]
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