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A Look at the Ross Barney Renderings for O'Hare's New Intermodal Facility

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A week ago, the city broke ground on the new 4.5 million square foot facility that will consolidate O'Hare Airport's rental car offerings as well as deliver a new airport transit system. Located on the east side of the airport, the so-called ConRAC and ATS Extension will span 33 acres and cost hundreds of millions of dollars to build. Ross Barney Architects, who recently celebrated the opening of the first two stretches of the Chicago Riverwalk extension, reached out to provide the latest renderings of the massive project. The updated renderings certainly offer more detail and offer a clearer vision of how the new intermodal facility will look when completed. When completed in 2018, the facility is expected to witness 30,000 travelers daily and provide 100 permanent jobs (not counting the estimated 3,000 jobs from the preliminary design stages through construction).

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