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Construction to Begin on $60M Elston, Damen and Fullerton Makeover Tomorrow

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The major road construction project that will reroute the congested (and dangerous) Elston, Damen and Fullerton intersection will start tomorrow and continue through most of next year. According to the Tribune, traffic at the intersection will be narrowed down to just one lane for each direction starting tomorrow. Costing an estimated $60 million, the project will reroute Elston in order to create three independent intersections, which is expected to alleviate congestion. However, a new plan to replace the Vienna Beef factory on Damen with 105,000 square feet of new retail space and 437 parking spots has caused some to worry about congestion becoming worse. This evening at 6:30 p.m. at the Vienna Beef Factory, Alderman Scott Waguespack will host a meeting to discuss more details of the major construction project and the impact it is expected to have for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

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