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Chicagoans May Finally Be Able to Drink in Public at Navy Pier

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While Navy Pier's massive redevelopment effort has been slow moving as of late, a new ordinance introduced yesterday by the mayor could change the way locals view and interact with the state's most popular tourist destination. According to the new plan, open container rules would be changed to allow Navy Pier visitors to carry a beer throughout the pier. Alcohol will have to be purchased at one of Navy Pier's restaurants or kiosks and will have to be in a disposable cup with the name of the vendor clearly labeled on it. However, don't try to walk back to your car with a beer. Folks who try to sneak booze into the parking garage could be nailed with a steep fine or possibly even six months in jail. According to the Tribune, the ordinance is expected to head to the City Council for a final vote sometime within the next month.

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