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Ricketts Family Now Control Three More Wrigley Field Rooftops

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The battle between the Ricketts family and the Wrigley Field rooftop owners has taken yet another dramatic twist as the owners of the Chicago Cubs have purchased three more rooftop properties that surround the century-old ballpark. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Ricketts family has recently closed on the rooftop properties at 3637 N. Sheffield, 3617 N. Sheffield and 3619 N. Sheffield. Though the total amount paid for these properties is not yet known, the new purchase means that the Ricketts family now controls six of the Wrigley Field rooftop properties—roughly half of the rooftop businesses that surround the stadium. Last year, more than a dozen rooftop owners filed suit against the Ricketts family over the Cubs' $300 million plan to renovate Wrigley and add new outfield signage, causing a legal (and public) fiasco. Today, only three rooftop businesses on Sheffield remain independent from the Cubs organization.

[All six of the rooftop properties now controlled by the Ricketts]
With the latest purchase, the Ricketts family now controls the following businesses:

- Wrigley Field Rooftop Club at 3617 N. Sheffield Ave.
- Sheffield Baseball Club at 3619 N. Sheffield Ave.
- Ivy League Baseball Club at 3637 N. Sheffield Ave.
- 3639 Wrigley Rooftop at 3639 N. Sheffield Ave.
- 3643-3645 N. Sheffield Ave.
- 1032-1034 W. Waveland Ave.

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