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Lincoln Park's Five Priciest Listings Range from Just Under $9M to Nearly $19M

It's been a few months since we checked in on the five most expensive homes in Lincoln Park, but the picture is now looking a bit different. The neighborhood is known for having a substantial inventory of pricey homes and this list certainly highlights the spectrum of what's currently available on the high-end. While some homes have exited the top five list since last August, a couple still remain. While there are also much more affordable homes and condos in the neighborhood, it's always interesting to see what is currently sitting at the top of market.

2026 N Mohawk Street
Asking price: $8.95 million
Size: 11,000 square feet
The skinny: Built in 2004, this large brick mansion is pretty representative of its era. It's flashy, but not totally over the top like many suburban mansions built around the same time. It's got all of the usual granite countertops, stainless steel appliances, and so forth. It's also got a basketball court, which is pretty neat. It hit the market in January with a $8.95 million price tag and the ask hasn't budged in the four months it's been listed.

2450 N Lakeview Avenue #10
Asking price: $8.95 million
Size: 8,000 square feet
The skinny: This home may look familiar to some readers. When this designer unit in a Howard Van Doren Shaw-designed building hit the market last July with a $10.75 million asking price, it became Lincoln Park's second priciest residence and the fifth most expensive listing in the entire city. Since it listed, it's taken a sizable price chop and comes in fourth place for the neighborhood with a $8.95 million ask.

542 W Grant Place
Asking price: $9.25 million
Size: 9,200 square feet
The skinny: This large home is a recent entry to the market and to Lincoln Park's list of priciest homes. It's a bit deceiving at first, as the home makes use of the facade of a modest, 114 year old one story brick building, however this one stretches all the way to the edges of its lot line, producing over 9,000 square feet of livable space. According to Crain's, the building once served as the studio and gallery of sculptor John Kearney. It's actually quite impressive, just thumb through the photos.

2550 N Lakeview Avenue Unit P1-38
Asking price: $12.99 million
Size: 12,500 square feet
The skinny: This raw penthouse space is almost like the little brother to the ginormous Trump Tower penthouse that finally sold late last year for $17 million... in cash. While this raw unit is not as big or as pricey as the one at the Trump Tower, this two level penthouse was the priciest condo listing for a few days last year. Just days after entering the market, a three level penthouse on Lake Shore Drive stole its thunder by asking $15.5 million and subsequently becoming the city's most expensive condo listing in 2014.

1955 N Burling Street
Asking price: $18.75 million
Size: 20,000 square feet
The skinny: Here's a shocker—that huge home on Burling Street still leads the list of priciest homes in Lincoln Park several months later. Unlike the Michael La Rocca and Marvin Herman designed interiors of the 2450 N Lakeview unit or the modern design and finishes of the Grant Place mansion, this home is over the top on pretty much every level. It made a huge splash last summer when it listed for $18.75 million, becoming the most expensive single family home in Chicago. And here we are one year later, and it's got the same $18.75 million ask. Now that the raw Trump Tower penthouse space is history, this huge estate on Burling Street has become the most expensive residential property on the market in Chicago.
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