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Myron Bachman House Gets Price Cut, Still Awesome, Akimbo

After hitting the market last fall for a cool $599,000, the alien snack shack-looking Myron Bachman House in Uptown, a Chicago Landmark, has cut its asking price down to $580,000. Originally built in 1890 as a frame home and then modified by architect-of-the-future Bruce Goff in 1948 for recording engineer Myron Bachman (for whom the house is named), the house now stands as a wholly unique architectural gem, both typical and atypical of Goff's eclectic style.

The home's 2,400 square foot, three bedroom, one and a half bathroom interior is fairly rote, but it sits on a sizable 6,000 square foot lot with plenty of room to enjoy the best part of the home: the exterior. Its angular brick faces, corrugated aluminum wrapping, and trapezoidal windows make for an endearing experiment in form and force the home to stand out from everything else on the block. And Uptown. And Chicago in general. But for buyers with a taste for the flamboyant, $580,000 is a small price to pay for the inimitable. While the current listing only offers a look at the home's exterior, at one point last year a listing did offer a look inside.

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