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Curbed's Best Of New York Design Week

While seemingly every neighborhood in New York has played host to increasingly vital and varied events this past week due to New York Design Week, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) being held at the Javits Center still serves as the steel-and-glass mothership of the whole affair. And, like any big gathering, the ICFF organizers have given out awards recognizing standouts amid the endless rows of booths and displays. The Curbed crew has spent days scouring all that Design Week has to offer, and after much deliberation and discussion, we've come up with our own, alternate awards. There were plenty of standout chairs and great wall coverings, but how about celebrating the best example of tropical modernism, awarding the booth display that best recreated a tropical jungle, or the pamphlet that made the connection between psychedelics and furniture?

And, the winners are… >>