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UPDATED: Thousands of People RSVP for Corgi Beach Day

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There are three things Chicagoans really like: summer weather, going to the beach and dogs—particularly the Welsh Corgi breed. So what happens when you combine all three of these things? You get thousands of really excited people who just literally cannot wait to see the adorable stubby-legged dogs running around in the sand chasing frisbees and one another. On Sunday, June 7th, a group of Corgi owners will take over the Montrose Dog Beach, and according to the event page on Facebook, hundreds—if not thousands—of dog lovers are also planning on showing up. The West Coast is no stranger to Corgi-specific beach days as previous events in the Los Angeles area have had hundreds of the dogs show up. Will Chicago's Corgi Beach Day be the greatest of them all? It could be.

UPDATE: As of 5:30 p.m. the Facebook page for the event has been deleted. No word yet on whether the Corgi Beach Day will be rescheduled, canceled or will continue as planned.
UPDATE: As of 6 p.m. there is a new Facebook event page for Corgi Beach Day.
UPDATE: Apparently the event has been canceled after all. According to a member of the Chicago Area Corgi Owners group, the Corgi Beach Day has been canceled due to dog flu and that the event was getting "way too large and becoming a safety issue."

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