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Oddball Suburban House Sports Zen, Jungle Themed Bedrooms

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While this house is totally bonkers, you've really got to give the homeowner props for really staying to committed to the idea of making the home wild (like a jungle room) and colorful. Built in 2002, this Riverwoods home is actually quite spacious with five (themed) bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. The exterior of the home is very anonymous looking, but once you step inside get ready to enter a different dimension. The bedrooms all come in different flavors, including: zen, lime, Strawberry Shortcake, jungle and maritime. It's hard to really put a finger on it, but it seems like something a slightly older, more settled Pee-wee Herman would really dig. All it needs is a beach cruiser bicycle and talking furniture. This truly unique and lighthearted home can be yours for $1.63 million.

·2480 Duffy Lane, Riverwoods, IL [Estately]