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200 N Michigan Ave Has New Website and New Name: MILA

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The 41 story building coming to 200 N. Michigan Avenue in between Millennium Park and the Magnificent Mile has a new name: MILA. No, it's not named after the old Italian tennis shoe and athletic apparel maker FILA, this name comes from—you guessed it—mashing together the words Michigan and Lake. While not as obnoxious as NEXT at NoCA, the name is pretty typical of what one should expect from new luxury residential projects throughout Chicago and other major cities. There's also a new website where folks can enter their personal information to learn more about the units as they prep for leasing. The 402-unit, bKL Architecture-designed high-rise will "join the Mile in 2016," indicating that developers are pretty committed to making Millennium Mile a thing. Regardless of branding/marketing, between the rehabbed London Guarantee Building, MILA and other retail projects along Michigan Avenue just south of the river, this stretch is certainly poised to wake up in the next year or two.
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