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Construction Set to Begin on Southeast Area Elementary School

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Last week permits were issued allowing construction to begin on the much anticipated Southeast Area Elementary School at 3930 E 105th Street in the East Side neighborhood. This past March, the Public Building Commission of Chicago (PBC), which is responsible for most of Chicago's public building assets, approved contracts for the construction of the new three-story, 110,000-square-foot school, designed by SMNG-A Architects.

Like all PBC projects, Southeast Area Elementary School will also be a sustainable building, focused on landfill diversion, recycled materials, reflective roofs, low-flow water fixtures, and high-efficiency mechanical systems. The school remains on track for its September 2016 school year opening, and with space for 1,200 students—including almost 50 classrooms, three computer labs, and other amenities—the school also promises to ease overcrowding in some of the area's other public schools.

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