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Chicago Riverwalk Construction Inching Closer to Completion

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Despite ups and downs in Chicago's spring weather (and last fall's fights with the rain), construction on the Chicago Riverwalk, now in its second phase, looks to be moving on swimmingly (er... walkingly). The first phase of the Chicago Riverwalk began in 2001 in conjunction with the Wacker Drive reconstruction project and concluded in 2009, providing a walkable riverside connection between State Street to the lake. The second phase, which began January 2014, covers the area between State Street and LaSalle Street, and includes three of the six thematic concepts that will define the total stretch of the Riverwalk between State and Lake. Included in the second phase is The Marina (from State to Dearborn), The Cove (Dearborn to Clark), and The River Theater (Clark to LaSalle). The third phase of the project, currently in design, will feature The Swimming Hole (LaSalle to Wells), The Jetty (Wells to Franklin), and The Boardwalk (Franklin to Lake).

As the new progress pictures show, contractors are installing precast steps, pavers, and lighting to the River Theater, Marina Plaza, and the Cove. Tree pits, irrigation systems, lighting, handrails, and bathroom finishes in the arcades are also being installed. Steel grading, guardrails, lighting, and canopy cladding are being added under the bridges at Clark, Dearborn, and State.

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