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First Chunk of Former Finkl Steel Site Now Up for Grabs

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As demolition continues on the massive 28 acre site that was once home to A. Finkl & Sons Steel in Lincoln Park, a next door property has recently listed on the commercial market. An anonymous tipster has sent in this screenshot of an email blast which indicates that the first chunk of the large property is now up for grabs, a property formally owned by the A. Lakin & Sons company. Marketed as a "Once in a lifetime chance to reshape Chicago's historic Lincoln Park neighborhood," Colliers International has the listing for a 3.24 acre (141,000 square foot) site at 2044 N. Dominick Street.

Only one building is located on this particular parcel, but the listing suggests that the "structure will be razed to support a higher or better use." Unfortunately because this is a screenshot, we're unable to click through to learn more about the listing and a possible asking price. (See the glossy brochure and more info here) And while Colliers has a handful of Chicago area commercial listings available on their website, this one is being shopped around privately at the moment. Let the Finkl steel land grab officially begin.
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