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More Info on the Large Industrial Property That Just Listed

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The first part of the property that once housed the Finkl steel complex A. Lakin & Sons company in Lincoln Park has officially hit the market, and there's a glossy brochure that provides some more info on the 3.24 acre site that is now up for grabs. Michael Senner of Colliers International has the listing, which he calls a "Once in a lifetime chance to reshape Chicago's historic Lincoln Park neighborhood." No doubt, the sale and redevelopment of the large Finkl site will totally reshape the Lincoln Park neighborhood and the areas that surround it. The area is zoned as a planned manufacturing district (PMD), which the brochure does highlight, however, it'll be interesting to see what developers have in mind for the site as sections of the PMD will need to be rezoned to make way for residential and retail. Perhaps there could even be room for an extension of the 606 trail. Developers and others interested in the property have until June 19th to get their offers submitted.

UPDATE: While the property is directly adjacent to the former Finkl steel site, this particular property once belonged to the A. Lakin & Sons company.

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