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Ten New Divvy Bike Sharing Stations on Their Way to 40th Ward

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With recent data showing that bike sharing in Chicago is usually faster than public transit, and other data showing that Chicagoans enjoyed over 3.2 million Divvy trips between 2013 and 2014, it's no question that Chicago is becoming a national leader for bike sharing. Divvy's recent announcement that it will be expanding from 300 to 476 stations in Chicago with a territory of 87 square miles brings more welcome news to Chicago's 40th Ward, which will soon be receiving ten new stations of its own. The 40th Ward, which includes the neighborhoods of Andersonville, Bowmanville, Edgewater, Lincoln Square, Budlong Woods, and West Rogers Park, has lately been seeing consistent growth and local change, including the installation of the new Half Acre brewery and taproom in Bowmanville.

With bike sharing moving into the area at the following ten locations, where public transit can often be spotty or slow, the expansion is expected to increase accessibility to and from the neighborhood—at least, when the weather agrees.

New 40th Ward Divvy Bike Station Locations:
- Lawrence and Washtenaw
- Lincoln and Winona
- Foster and Francisco
- Lincoln and Bryn Mawr
- Foster and Damen
- Balmoral and Wolcott
- Clark and Bryn Mawr
- Peterson and Damen (Target parking lot)
- Peterson and Maplewood
- Clark and Schreiber

Benjamin van Loon

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