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Scientologists Want to Bring a New Church to Printer's Row

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Timed perfectly to take advantage of all the good press from the HBO documentary Going Clear, the Church of Scientology has plans to open a worship center in Printer's Row. According to a Time Out article, the church has it eyes on opening up a new church at 650 South Clark Street, part of an expansion plan to open more than 30 worship centers in North and South America, Europe, South Africa and New Zealand. It's been a long time coming, even for those who sign billion-year contracts. The church purchased the turn-of-the-century Artcraft building in 2007, but zoning issues and years of court proceedings have thus far kept it from re-opening.

The church already operates the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation at 3011 North Lincoln in Lakeview. This proposed more expansive location would not only increase the church's presence in the city, but also add to its vast real estate holdings. According to Going Clear, in the wake of the IRS decision to grant the church non-profit status, it has utilized that tax exemption to build up a massive real estate empire that includes sizable assets in LA.

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