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Freshly Rehabbed Brick Row Home and Matching Coach House Want $2.25M

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Recently rehabbed, this old Wicker Park brick row home and its matching coach house could be a pretty solid Airbnb setup. The main house is quite spacious at 5,173 square feet with five bedrooms and four and a half baths. Though it's been updated, it hasn't been butchered and looks rather charming. Fortunately, the owners/developers kept some of the home's older architectural features and also managed to blend the new kitchen in with the rest of home. Out back, there's a deck and nice sized yard, which appears to be very nicely manicured. Heading even further out, there's a lovely little brick coach house which has room for two cars on the ground level and a studio apartment above. The combo enters the market with a $2.25 million ask. You'd need a pretty steady flow of Airbnb guests to help pay the mortgage, but with its location being so close to public transportation and Wicker Park (the park), it'd certainly be one of the nicer (and presumably pricer) options on Airbnb.

·1956 W Evergreen Ave Chicago, IL 60622 [Redfin]
·Wicker Park archives [Curbed Chicago]