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Door County Mansion Lowers Ask by Nearly $3.5M in 10 Months

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Remember that ridiculously large mansion in Door County that has been for sale since 2009? The one that's 35,000 square feet and initially listed for $25 million? Ok, well this isn't it, but this mansion may as well be the little brother to the most expensive home in Door County. The home, located on 21 acres in Sister Bay, WI and weighing in at 10,000 square feet, went to auction a couple of years ago, but has been bouncing on and off the market ever since. Last June, the home returned to market with an $8.15 million ask—up from the $5.15 million it was asking just eight months prior. However, the home returned to the market last month asking $5.449 million, and today the price has dropped down to $4.669 million—the lowest it's been yet. While this home appears to be indecisive on price, it may be indicating that it might finally be getting serious about changing hands.

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