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Amazon Lease Continues Goose Island's Move Towards Tech

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Call it Goose Island 2.0, Silicon Island, Innovation Island or whatever you want—it's pretty clear as this point that Goose Island's transformation from an old heavy industry hub to a tech-focused center is well underway. Last year was a very transformative year as the man-made island scored a major grant to build the Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute and was also the focus of two major projects from R^2 Companies (formerly South Street Capital) that would deliver over 635,000 square feet office space for workers in the tech industry. Today, Crain's reported that Seattle-based Amazon has inked a deal to lease a 52,000 square foot warehouse at 1111 N. Cherry Avenue, which will be used as a distribution center to deliver packages within Chicago faster. While packing and shipping consumer goods may not be exactly high tech, the presence of the name Amazon certainly adds to Goose Island's increasing cache of major players moving operations onto the island.
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