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Historic Colvin House in Edgewater Hits the Market for $1.2M, Needs Some Love

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Edgewater's Edwin Colvin House at 5940 N Sheridan stands as one of the last remaining lakefront mansions that used to be the face of wealth on Chicago's north side. However, today it can be yours for a cool $1.2 million and a lot of elbow grease. As with any home with a colorful history, this 6,040-square-foot mansion, designed by Prairie School architecture George Maher in 1909 and designated as a Chicago Landmark in 1994, is showing some signs of age. Its distinct design, which blends Prairie and classical American styles, features interior amenities such as three marble fireplaces, a wine cellar, and a pied décor installed by the home's various owners over the years. The exterior, with its broad overhangs and yellow Roman brick cladding on a corner lot, includes a three-car garage attached by an arched port cochere, lending an austere aesthetic to the home. It's a remarkable property described by its listing agent Linda Rodriguez as, "A beautiful woman in the morning who hasn't yet put on her makeup."

— Benjamin van Loon

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