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Landmarks Commission to Discuss Fulton-Randolph Historic District Plan Tomorrow

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The Commission on Chicago Landmarks will hold a public hearing this week on the controversial Fulton-Randolph Market District landmarking designation, DNAinfo reports. The hearing, scheduled for Thursday morning at City Hall, will give the public an opportunity to respond to the commission's plans to award landmark status to the historic Fulton-Randolph Market District. The contested plan, developed cooperatively by the Commission on Chicago Landmarks and the Historic Preservation Division, Department of Planning and Development, will impact approximately 144 properties and 88 contributing buildings.

While such significant landmark designation is a boon for preservationists, locales surrounding the district's West Loop footprint have lately been a development hotbed. A landmark designation in the district would focus on stabilization and preservation of its historic buildings and architecture, though opponents of the plan, including Roger Romanelli, executive director of the Randolph Fulton Market Association, worry that such designation would inhibit growth and property value. The Fulton-Randolph Market District's history stretches back to the 1850s and a landmark designation would serve to preserve its character, which is a central element of Mayor Emanuel's greater Fulton Market Innovation District plan, announced last year.

The battle between preservation and new development has a long history in Chicago. After hearing from the public hearing this Thursday, the Commission on Chicago Landmarks will make its recommendations to the City Council.

Benjamin van Loon

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