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More than 170 Affordable Housing Units to be Preserved, Built

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The City of Chicago recently approved financial plans to both create and preserve over 170 units of affordable housing on Chicago's west and south sides. Included in the plans are the upcoming Harvest Homes development at 3512-46 W. Fifth Avenue in Garfield Park, which will consist of 36 units in four, three-story buildings. Harvest Homes Apartments, L.P., will be leading the $12.6 million project. Also included are the 135-unit Jeffery Towers Apartments at 7020 S. Jeffery Boulevard in South Shore. Under the coordination of the Interfaith Housing Development Corporation, the seven-story, 1910-era building will undergo a $17.5 rehab, including the installation of a new boiler, mechanical systems and elevators, restored masonry, and upgraded bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Units in both locations will be made affordable to households earning up to 60 percent of median income in the area.

Benjamin van Loon
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