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Historic Brick & Limestone Clad Buena Park Mansion Enters Market With $3.6M Ask

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Here's a home listing you don't see everyday. The century-old building at 800 West Buena Avenue that currently houses the Smart Love Family Services and preschool is up for grabs and is being marketed as a single family home. Designed by Doerr Brothers Architects and built in 1917, this large three story mansion is centrally located in Buena Park and can be had for $3.6 million. Clad in brick and limestone, the 15,000 square foot mansion still retains many of its original architectural features, and according to a statement from listing agents Renee Greene and Dana Galowich, the home's exterior has remained largely untouched. Certainly, the home, its two story garage and coach house combo and its large adjacent parking lot offer a unique opportunity, and hopefully its next owner will breathe new life into it.

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