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Col. Pritzker's Parking Garage is Almost Ready for Your Cars

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Though billionaire investor, philanthropist, and avid Rogers Park fan Col. Jennifer Pritzker's plan to construct 250-car parking garage at 7331 N. Sheridan Road was originally met with community resistance, the $16 million project is now nearing completion and bringing welcome change to the parking-starved area. The project, led by Pritzker's Tawani Enterprises, is another entry in the group's developmental interest in Chicago's northernmost neighborhood.

The parking garage replaces the original home of the Shambhala Center, which was representative of the large residential style of Rogers Park. But the dense population of the neighborhood and limited parking options resulted in a decision favoring quantity over quality. Some residents remain wary of the four-story structure's lack of street-side retail, but others, including Alderman Joe Moore, welcome the parking relief the garage will bring.

Sixty spaces are reserved for residents of Farcroft by the Lake. Eighty-four spaces are reserved for neighborhood residents at $125 per month. The remaining 106 spaces are for Pritzker's recently renovated Emil Bach House—or the general public, when the house has no events. Parking for the public will cost $2 per hour or $8 per day.

Benjamin van Loon

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