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Latino Cultural Center Proposes Wild New JGMA-Designed HQ

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Architect Juan Gabriel Moreno is teaming up with Chicago's International Latino Cultural Center to build a new downtown headquarters in the form of a wild-looking $50 million complex. Announced during the most recent edition of Chicago Latino Film Festival that took place this month, the organization announced its ambitious new "Ibero-American Tower" which would house a number of components including a cultural center, a children's area, a museum and gallery, a language center, leasable office space, multiple theaters, a hotel, classrooms and space on the ground floor for retail and restaurants.

As proposed, the complex would fit all of these uses under a single 150,000 square foot roof, however the project is still in its early planning stages. Invoking the words of notable architect and city planner Daniel Burnham in their promo video for the project, the new tower from the International Latino Cultural Center is certainly no little plan.

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