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Watch a Giant Tower Crane Make Its Way Up the Chicago River

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Photo by Shawn Ursini

A gigantic red crane has appeared on the South Branch of the Chicago River near Chinatown, which will ultimately make its way up north to be used for the construction of the upcoming office tower at 150 North Riverside. The approximately 200 foot long boom towers over the old vertical lift bridge next to Ping Tom Park, which was completed back in in 1914 by the Pennsylvania Railroad. The crane, which is mounted onto a floating barge and features its own rotating turn table, will be floated northward to 150 North Riverside where it will be used to install concrete "bulb tees" that will span over the railroad tracks leading into the north concourse of Union Station. The bulb tees apparently will be coming up from the gulf coast, plying the waterways as well.

The precast beams being inserted will then support the single level enclosed parking garage for the tower as well as the green space that will top the garage structure. This is essentially the same approach that was used at River Point, across Lake street to the north. Expect the barge move to occur this Saturday morning, weather permitting, or on Sunday if postponement is needed. For those of you with boats or kayaks, the river will be closed between Lake Street and Canal Street during the move of this behemoth.

Shawn Ursini

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150 N. Riverside

150 N. Riverside Plaza, Chicago, IL 60606

150 N Riverside Chicago, IL