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Is the Logan Square Dual Tower TOD Proposal a Done Deal?

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It's not been quite 48 hours since the last community meeting for the two tower transit-oriented development for Milwaukee and California in Logan Square concluded, however for all intents and purposes, the project appears to be moving forward. Along with a number of other proposals for projects throughout the city, the two tower proposal is scheduled to be presented to the Chicago Plan Commission on April 16. Despite earning the support from the Latin United Community Housing Association (LUCHA) and the Greater Goethe Neighborhood Association (GGNA), many attendees of Monday night's meeting expressed dissatisfaction with the proposal. Among the usual concerns regarding height, density and traffic, new concerns are aimed directly at the alderman and developers for their handling of the meeting.

The Logan Square Neighborhood Association and Logan Square Preservation community groups have issued a statement criticizing the short notice for the meeting, the lack of seating and space for the number of attendees present and for not having a translator for Spanish speakers on hand. And while Alderman Moreno clearly displayed agitation towards the continued flyering against the proposal, community groups have also expressed concern that the timeline regarding the Chicago Plan Commission presentation was not mentioned during the meeting.

The project has become the lightning rod of frustration towards the runaway gentrification of Logan Square, but developer Rob Buono indicated that the project fits in with the guidelines presented in the city's Milwaukee Avenue Corridor plan. Alderman Moreno has also been hyping transit-oriented development lately, and distributed a printout of Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin's most recent column about the development trend before the meeting Monday evening. The alderman also indicated that vacant lots are unacceptable and uncharacteristic of the popular neighborhood. So, is the project moving forward as is or will community groups get one more meeting?

We've reached out to both Alderman Moreno's office and the developer's office for a statement regarding the status of the proposal.

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