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Despite February Dip, North Side Rent Still Top in Chicago

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The latest rent survey from Zumper shows that while the perennially expensive Near North Side neighborhood still boasts the highest rental rates for a one-bedroom ($2,000 on average), surging prices in the Loop (3.2%) and West Town (3.4%) show those areas gaining, just as a new flood of units is coming to both areas. Nobody who has survived this frigid month would be shocked by the sight 2.9% drop in rent prices this month across Chicagoland as a whole, but Kenwood had a particularly rough month, posting a 4.1% drop. Upward quarterly trends for one-bedrooms in Logan Square and Avondale (15.4% and 10.9%, respectively) showed the desirability of these units in these fast-growing areas.

·Chicago Rent Prices By Neighborhood This February [Zumper]