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Wild, Contempo Apartment Development Eyeing Wrigleyville

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As Logan Square residents gear up for a meeting this evening regarding a tall, contemporary-looking development along Milwaukee Avenue, Lakeview residents have gotten a first look at a wild new transit-oriented development project that may be coming to the bustling Clark Street corridor near Wrigley Field. Designed by Studio Dwell Architects, the modular-looking four story building is seeking a zoning change to bring 20 apartments to 1045-47 W. Cornelia Ave. According to DNAinfo, the community group Hawthorne Neighbors supports the idea of bringing new developments and new residences to the area, however some residents feel that the four story building could set a precedent for much taller, denser projects — a scenario that is all too familiar to residents of the booming Logan Square area.
Update: As Steve Vance has pointed out in the comments, the project is transit-oriented in principle, but falls just outside of the mandated distance to officially qualify as a TOD.
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