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Is the Lucas Museum Going Back to the Drawing Board?

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A Tribune story on Sunday suggested that as the debate over the Lucas Museum site continues to cycle through the court system, architect Ma Yansong may be revisiting his initial plans. We reached out to MAD, and Kate LeFurgy, a member of the project's press team, who said she "can confirm that the museum design is being refined but we have no comment on time line or extent of revisions." While there's certainly no guarantee an aesthetic change can overcome the legal diffiiculties posed by the Friends of the Parks's suit, a new look could soften some of the opposition. Trib writer Melissa Harris certainly doesn't soft pedal her own take on the controversy: by opposing a museum on what is now a parking lot, she says the Friends of the Parks are "living in a land of fairies and other magical creatures."

Harris also has a few ideas. In light of Judge Darrah's ruling that cites the public trust doctrine, she advocates the Lucas make direct overtures to the public, such as offering free admission, to mollify critics who claim this projet won't benefit public interests.

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