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For $6,545 a Month, Rent This Two Bed Penthouse at 500 LSD

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Streeterville's 500 LSD is just one month shy of its two year birthday, and when May comes, this penthouse space will be ready to celebrate. The 1,530 square foot two bedroom, two bathroom unit will be available mid-May, marking the first time one of 500 LSD's three top-floor penthouses will be available to rent since the building opened in 2013. It's got tall ceilings, express elevator service to the 47th floor, all the bells and whistles and all of the flashy designer finishes. It may not be the bonkers $18,000 per month penthouse that was available when the building opened, but it's certainly no studio space either. For $6,545 per month, you can park your belongings and yourself in this unit.

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