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Curious About Chicago Zoning? Check Out This Interactive Map

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Part of a growing wave of programs that offer better ways to view city zoning codes using open data, including Flux, an Austin-based service that grew out of the Google X program, 2nd City Zoning launched in 2013 with a debt to SimCity and the goal of making Chicago zoning codes more digestible. A recent relaunch earlier this year sees the tool sharper and more responsive (while still allowing you to scope out your neighborhood to the SimCity theme song). In addition to a smoother, more responsive layout, the site now includes links to plans for the city's Planned Manufacturing District (PMD) and Planned Development (PD) zones, helping add context when scanning sites such as the Finkl plant, as well as a color scheme that reflect development density. While you can't build your own metropolis or run disaster scenarios on downtown, it's worth another spin.
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