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A Look at the Three Towers Rising Along the Chicago River

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Photos by Harry Carmichael

As temperatures make an about-face, spring has sprung in Chicago, which of course means construction season is about to arrive with it. Throughout downtown, workers have chugged through the brutal winter months on various projects, but the most visible three is the trio of towers underway on the banks of the Chicago River where it splits into its famous Y. Here's a quick look at how thee projects are coming along.

Work crews are now framing out the 30th floor of the 48 floor Wolf Point West apartment tower which will deliver just over 500 units. The slender form of the tower hugging the west end of Wolf Point is becoming very apparent and really emphases the left over space remaining on the 3.85 acre site to hold the two larger buildings in the future. Meanwhile, the elevated plaza and vehicular turnaround that will serve the future three towers is receiving its last paving details.

Across the river to the west is River Point at 444 West Lake. This 52 story office tower's concrete elevator core has reached the 10th floor with steel framing about five floors below the top of the formwork. As the steel climbs, the tower has begun to reveal its bowed form, not just the shape of the footprint, but also bulging outward with larger floorplates as the building grows above the entry levels.

Across Lake Street to the south, 150 North Riverside is rising from its recently completed foundation. Concrete formwork has been placed for the building's robust core which will support the structural loading of the unique cantilevering design. Formwork is also in place for a structural concrete wall splitting the soon to be covered Metra tracks into two sets. Precast concrete beams known as "bulb tees" will span over these tracks to support the tower's small parking garage and green roof that will serve as a large publicly accessible open space.

Shawn Ursini
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Wolf Point

350 W Mart Center Drive, Chicago, IL 60654

150 N. Riverside

150 N. Riverside Plaza, Chicago, IL 60606