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Niklas Hjalmarsson Scores Contract on Townhouse in One Week

While it can take months or even years for some athletes to ditch their Chicago homes, the Blackhawks' Niklas Hjalmarsson has been able to line up a buyer for his River West townhouse in just one week. The Swede paid $1.3 million for the 4,000 square foot home in 2010 but listed it last Monday with a $1.695 million ask. No clue on where Hjalmarsson is looking to move, but similar to Patrick Kane and Jon Toews, the 27 year old Stanley Cup champ will be in Chicago for the foreseeable future. Perhaps Hjalmarsson is following Toews' lead and trading up to a bigger, better place.

·461 North Canal Street TH Chicago, IL 60654 [Baird & Warner]
·461 N Canal St Unit TH Chicago, IL 60654 [Redfin]