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Barrington Hills PoMo Compound Chops $2.2M Off Ask

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It's big, spacious, glassy and oh so Postmodern. Perhaps the style has been long looked at with disdain, but PoMo's days may be coming back. Built in 2000, this 11,500 square foot home is fairly new compared to the buildings built during the PoMo peak of the early-mid '80s, but its weird mixture of materials, gabled silhouette and its glassy, cathedral style ceilings are certainly fitting of the category — though much milder than designs from PoMo masters like Michael Graves and Helmut Jahn. The home sits on seven acres of Barrington Hills land and butts up against a small body of water and has that excessive "luxury" feel that was so popular throughout the '90s before the dotcom bubble busted in a big way. There's an infinity pool, a solarium, a guest house and barn. When it first listed in December 2012, the home was seeking an ambitious $6.2 million — nearly double the $3.7 million it last sold for in September 2009. Though its current $3.995 million price tag is much more reasonable than its original ask, it's still got some time left to orbit before it returns back to earth.

·28 Brinker Rd Barrington Hills, IL 60010 [Redfin]
·Barrington Archives [Curbed Chicago]