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Blank Wilmette Beach Begs for Your Dream Beach House

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The North Shore ain't the Hamptons, but this rare opportunity to pick up nearly an acre of prime beachfront gives us visions of beautiful beach homes. At $5.5 million for the land as well as an aged home the agent suggests demolishing, there may not be much money left for your dream home, but the ability to wake up and walk across the dunes may be worth it. Wilmette, not to mention most of the lakefront, lacks open, buildable lots, so this 3,116 square feet space with rolling sand dunes may be the perfect place to set up that tiki hut you've always dreamed about. Even better, the land is also close to the docks at Gillson Park, as well as less than a mile from the Purple Line and less than two miles from the Metra. Mass transit access and, potentially, your own personal margaritaville, at least in the summer, doesn't sound too bad.

·1160 Michigan Avenue, Wilmette [Redfin]