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Construction on the Bonkers Byrne Interchange Begins Tonight

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Beginning this evening, workers will prepare the aging Byrne Interchange for a massive $475 million overhaul that will take a little over a year to complete. Long known as the Circle Interchange, the busy interstate junction will soon receive a two lane flyover bridge that will ease congestion and improve safety for the 400,000 motorists that pass through the interchange on a daily basis. The massive construction effort will see the closing of several ramps leading to and from the interchange starting tonight.

According to project's website, the following ramps will be affected:

·The ramp from inbound I-90/94 (Dan Ryan Expressway) to inbound Congress Parkway into Chicago's Loop will be closed.

·The ramp from Roosevelt Road to I-290/Congress Parkway will be closed.

·The ramp from Taylor Street to inbound Dan Ryan Expressway will be closed.

·The inbound and outbound I-55 (Stevenson Expressway) ramps to the inbound Dan Ryan Expressway will be reduced from two lanes to one lane.

·The ramp from the inbound Dan Ryan Expressway to the outbound Eisenhower Expressway will remain open, but shifted to a temporary roadway.

·The right lane of the inbound Dan Ryan Expressway from the Stevenson Expressway to Roosevelt Road will be closed.

A full list of ramp closures and detours can be found on the project's website.

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