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Vintage Film Clip Captures Wrigley Field Opening Day in 1938

Ever wonder what it was like to sit in the bleachers of the Friendly Confines long before there was night time lighting and disputes over outfield signage? Bleed Cubbie Blue has uncovered a gem of a video from the Chicago Film Archives, black and white footage from opening day at Wrigley Field in 1938. This is a time capsule from a more innocent, fedora-and-cigar-filled era, when there weren't rooftops overlooking the bleachers and only three decades had passed since the Cubs' last World Series victory.

For those interested in the outcome, the Cubs lost to the Cards 6-5 that day, but would go on to win the National League pennant later that year. In what can only be called eerie foreshadowing, at 1:02 in, the camera pans over the left field and looks past a sign that clearly says "RICKETTS." Bleed Cubbie Blue covered the coincedence before.

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